A wrap on the week thus far...

Create: 05/20/2016 - 04:40

The WHS Track Team was in action on Thursday in Winfield (Southwestern College) at the 4A Regional Track & Field Meet! The Top 4 finishers in each event would qualify for State 4A competition next weekend at Wichita State University.

The weather was wet and dreary but the outcomes just a little brighter for the WHS participants. "7" Crusaders qualified for next weekend's "BIG SHOW" @ WSU in "3" different events. 

Baseball action postponed due to field conditions...

Create: 04/12/2016 - 03:50

Mother Nature left a half inch of rain behind overnight Sunday, causing postponement of the baseball games on slate at Sellers (both Hibbs-Hooten and 9th St. Diamond) on Monday vs Andale. Out west however (Worden Park), the scheduled varsity and jr. varsity softball games vs Andale would be played and the outcome would be similar for everyone all the way around, all squads went home 1-1 on the evening.


Create: 04/08/2016 - 03:15

The sun was shining and the temperatures cooperative at the Wellington Golf Club Thursday for the annual WHS Golf Invitational. The wind on the other hand, maintained it's presence, a very windy Spring thus far, Thursday no exception! Golf Tournaments don't usually get called for wind so the 6 dozen plus participants played through it all with some decent outcomes considering the conditions.


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