Crusader Alums Succumb to Varsity Crusaders Saturday @ Hibbs-Hooten!

Create: 03/18/2019 - 07:35
Crusader Alums @ Hibbs Hooten Saturday vs Varsity

Saturday was a wonderful day at Hibbs-Hooten Field. The sun shined brightly, the wind noticeably absent, temps nothing but superb for an afternoon of Crusader Baseball vs THE ALUMS!

14 Varsity Crusaders under the direction of their head coach Jeff Frazee took on almost 2 dozen ALUMS, coached by former WHS Head Coach Mike Wilmoth and alum player/coach Rob HIGGIE SR Higginbotham! The "old" boys jumped out early, up 5-0 after their first at-bats. Braun usually conquers bulge, Saturday was no exception. Final score CRUSADERS 19 ALUMS 11.

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