Mid-season is always tough...

Create: 09/30/2017 - 09:45

It was Week #5 Friday night across the football lands of Kansas, the (3-1) IRONDUKES were at HOME after an unsuccessful road trip Week #4 to Andale. The Wichita Collegiate Spartans were in town, the evening was perfecto, no wind, nice temps and that sense of community always present on Friday nights at Sellers was intensified several times over as we together grieved and honored the passing of WHS Junior Stephen Jamerson, tragically lost in a motorcycle accident Thursday evening west of Wellington.  

Similar STATS Dissimilar OUTCOMES...

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It was season opening time (@ HOME) for the Wellington Crusader Varsity Baseball Team Friday evening, playing in make-up games vs Collegiate, a double-header that had been postponed just 2 days earlier due to rain. If you looked at most of the STATS you would erroneously conclude the final scores were relatively close. Both squads played near error free baseball, both squads had 10 or11 hits a piece, both squads had multiple base runners but both squads didn't score 14 cumulative points on the evening, just Collegiate.

QB Cade Phelps is out with a concussion

Create: 10/01/2016 - 05:52

After a great start with a 50 yd kick return by Sophomore Julian Jimenez, events didn't unfold in a positive way and in the end Friday night at Collegiate, the Crusaders came up short 52-0, generating less than 100 yds offense and allowing 7 TD's and a FG to seal the dominating win by the Spartans who showed strength in both their ground and aerial games. Prior to the Spartan JV coming on the field in the 2nd half, Collegiate had completed 17 of 19 passes for "5" TD's...Wellington struggled on both sides of the ball.

Host Crusaders take 3 of 5 from visiting Spartans Tuesday

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The  holiday break is over, school is back in session and it was CRUSADER BASKETBALL time Tuesday out at WHS for the first time this season. The Basketball BOYS & GIRLS have been on the road since Day 1 and they're finally HOME in front of a friendly crowd and familiar surroundings! That switch worked out well for the Varsity Girls, Jr. Varsity Girls and "C" Team Boys - all snagging big W's away from their SPARTAN counterparts.

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