July USD 353 Monthly Board Meeting Slated For Monday!

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Welcome to the regular meeting of the Board of Education of Wellington Public Schools - (July 9, 2018). The Board will be following the agenda as listed below. Each member has previously been sent an agenda of supporting information for study prior to the meeting.

1.0 Meeting Opening
  1.1 Call to Order
  1.2 Pledge of Allegiance
  1.3 Roll Call
  1.4 Adoption of Agenda
  1.5 Recognition of Patrons and Staff
  1.6 Public Comment
  1.7 Election of Officers
  1.8 Appoint Clerk of the Board

2.0 Executive Session
  2.1 Non-Elected Personnel

3.0 Consent Agenda
  3.1 Approve the Minutes of the June 2018 Regular Board Meeting
  3.2 Approve Payroll and Bills
  3.3 Act on Appointments, Designations and Authorizations for the 18-19 School Year
  3.4 Act on Resolutions Authorizing Petty Cash and Activity Funds for designated schools according to K.S.A. 72- 8208
  3.5 Act on Resolution Authorizing Waiver of GAAP
  3.6 Approve Meeting Dates and Time for 18-19
  3.7 Act on Resolution to Establish Home Rule
  3.8 Act on Resolution to Rescind Policy Statements
  3.9 Approve Personnel
  3.10 Approve Dates for Budget Review, Publication, and Budget Hearing
  3.11 Approve Administrative Contracts for 18-19
  3.12 Approve Adult Meal Prices for 18-19
  3.13 Approve District’s Legal Counsel for 18-19
  3.14 Appoint District Treasurer

4.0 Action Items
  4.1 Approve Appointments to Committees
  4.2 Approve Out of State Travel
  4.3 Approve Washington Playground Improvements
  4.4 Approve Bleachers for Track Facility
  4.5 Approve Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant
  4.6 Approve Digital Math Supplement

5.0 Discussion/Report Items
  5.1 Redesign Updates
  5.2 Secondary Handbooks
  5.3 Classified Handbook
  5.4 Administrative Reports
  5.5 Board Member Comments

6.0 Executive Session
  6.1 Non-Elected Personnel

7.0 Final Action

8.0 Adjourn

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