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BICENTENNIAL CENTER @ SALINA // Friday-Saturday Feb. 24-25, 2017

SATURDAY UPDATE: Aaron lost by decision 3-8 to MORGAN of El Dorado for Regional Championship. (Finished 2nd!!)
FRIDAY UPDATE: Aaron pinned WOOD of Andover Central, pinned EBERT of Andale and won 6-3 decision over VIRAVONG of Winfield to advance to the REGIONAL 4A CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH today vs 30-1 Braden Morgan of El Dorado - GO AARON!!

SATURDAY UPDATE: Ian lost by Technical Fall (16-0) to CAPUL of Andale for Regional Championship. (Finished 2nd!!)
FRIDAY UPDATE: Ian started with a BYE, then won a 12-5 decision over LEHMAN of Andover Central and a 5-2 decision over GIBSON of Winfield to advance to the REGIONAL 4A CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH today vs 35-0 Anthony Capul of Andale - GO IAN!!

132 lbs. KYLE CLEM
SATURDAY UPDATE: Kyle defeated THOMAS of Clearwater 15-3, then pinned SCHELL of El Dorado, lost 12-9 decision to BERTHA of Maize South. Just 1 win away from going to STATE! GREAT EFFORT KYLE!
FRIDAY UPDATE: Kyle was pinned by HILL of Winfield then received a BYE. Today he wrestles THOMAS of Clearwater on the back side of the bracket - needs "3" wins today to advance to STATE.

SATURDAY UPDATE: Kadin pinned CLARK of Clearwater, then lost by pin to MARTINEZ of Ulysses. You still da man Kadin - great effort Crusader!
FRIDAY UPDATE: Kadin pinned STEPHEN of Holcomb, lost by fall then to RINER of Pratt. Wrestles CLARK of Clearwater today - needs "3" wins to advance to STATE.

SATURDAY UPDATE: YEEESSSSSSSS! Freshman Kanden Young is STATE 4A TOURNAMENT BOUND!!! Kanden won his match over GONSALVES of Clearwater by Injury Default. CONGRATULATIONS CRUSADER - knew you could do this!
FRIDAY UPDATE: Kanden pinned GONZALVES of Clearwater, then pinned WERNLI of El Dorado, then a 2-11 dec loss to MUMFORD of Andover Central. Kanden will face 1 of 4 possible wrestlers today - a win will place him in the 3rd/4th place match and will punch his ticket for STATE!

220 lbs. MATT MCCOMB
SATURDAY UPDATE: Matt pinned HENDERSON of Circle, Matt pinned ROZARIO of Andover Central, lost by pin to HUNT of El Dorado. Just 1 win away from going to STATE! GREAT EFFORT MATT!
FRIDAY UPDATE: Matt lost by 3-9 decision to TRAPP of Maize South, then received a BYE, next up today HENDERSON of Circle. Matt needs 3 wins today to advance to STATE.

Wildcats lose 5 of 6 at Wellington homestand Friday...

Boys: MHS 65 WHS 73 (now 6-12 on the season)
Ian King 20, A.J. Snipes 20, Cade Phelps 10, Grey Hatfield 12, Silas Popplewell 6, Jack Walton 3, DeAndre Washington 2, Will Long 1
Girls: MHS 23 WHS 71 (now 13-5 on the season)
Lauryn Snipes 17, Avery Rusk 13, Shayland French 12, Jacelyn Buck 9, Tayland French 8, Chloe Wilson 6, Mekenna Adams 3, Taylor Meyer 3

Boys: MHS 17 WHS 49
Joe Ybarra 11, Jihad Mutazammil 10, DeAndre Washington 10, Trey Cary 6, Brayden Higginbotham 5, Zander Vargas 3, Grey Hatfield 2, Braiden Buresh 2
Girls: MHS 45 WHS 32
Taylor Meyer 16, Chloe Wilson 6, Taryn Stoddard 3, Ellie Buresh 2, Gracie Fink 2, Natalie Henning 2, Kylie Aufdengarten 1

Boys: MHS 40 WHS 46 (now 12-2 on the season)
Zander Vargas 14, Gage Cunningham 9, Zane Cornejo 9, Blake Rausch 7, Tyler Brown 4, Silas Popplewell 4, Travese Love 1
Girls: MHS 21 WHS 28
Kylie Aufdengarten 7, McKenna Jones 5, Hope Maxwell 4, Peyton Leathers 4, Delaney Parkey 3, Natalie Henning 3, Emma Rains 2

The CRUSADER SPECIAL K SQUAD hosted Chisholm Life Skills Center Friday...

Friday was the annual HOME game for our WHS Special K Basketball Team, hosting Chisholm Life Skills Center out of Wichita. When Chisholm arrived at WHS, Wellington students provided them with a warm ovation as they passed through the cafeteria area in route to the gym! A large contingent of students, parents, grade schools, cheerleaders, the band and more were on hand for the big game - in the end it was Chisholm 59 Wellington 25 but didn't observe one frown or one unhappy player afterwards. Great game and great fun for everyone, especially the players!! Congrats Wellington for representing so well - you were awesome!!

Members of the team include: Andrew "Big Foot" Clark, Michael Clark, Cristin "Cow Girl" Holloway, Chase "LC" Rathbun, Jayden "Homie" Dycus, Kristopher "Chief" Ellis, Alisa "Lee Lee" Walters, Nick "Nickelodeon" Mayo, Logan "Clutch" Winger, Cathy "Crush" Creamer, Caleb "BC" Alcorn, Drake "Dragon" Alcorn, Jacob "Noob Sibot" Pettigrew, Coby "Skorpios" Nance, Ashlyn "Susie Q" Sparks, Kyle "Spiderman" Atkinson, Jessie "Sonic" Russell, Thomas Grable and Evan "Da Baller" Lansden.

Statewide program will focus on schools...thru March 3rd

Beginning February 20th thru March 3rd, the Wellington Police Department will join other Kansas Law Enforcement to stop what has been an epidemic for the past several years. In 2014, 34 teens lost their lives due to car crashes in Kansas; 63% of those teens were NOT PROPERLY RESTRAINED.

In an effort to change this trend, law enforcement across Kansas will be extra-vigilant when patrolling around schools. For more than thirty years, officers have educated and warned passengers and drivers regarding the importance of using restraints while in their vehicle.

There should be no surprises when it comes to this enforcement effort. Officers will issue citations to any individual who refuses to obey the traffic laws, whether it is for speeding, texting or failing to buckle up.

The Wellington Police Department says, “Even one teen death is unacceptable. Please slow down, put the phone away or turn it off, and always buckle up.”

POETRY SLAM Held @ Local Coffee House 
Lincoln Elementary Patriots recite their own original poems on stage...

Aubry Yager's and Kaitlin Buck's 5th grade classes from Lincoln Elemtary entertained the patrons at #7 Coffee House in downtown Wellington with a Poetry Slam. Each 5th grader stood on stage and read their "original" piece to the crowd -- after their performances they mingled a bit with the crowd before returning back to Lincoln. Cool stuff!

A fundraiser for the Patty Sober Memorial Scholarship... Updated (1).jpg

Be sure to stop by this coming Friday (Feb. 24th) the Patty Sober Memorial Taco Dinner being held in the WHS Commons area from 5:00-7:30PM. For $6 you can get 2 tacos, beans, chips & salsa and a cookie. For $2, you can add a taco! The event is being hosted by the WHS National Honor Society, to-go orders are available and additional donations will be accepted! 

CAREER DAY HELD @ Wellington High School
A variety of entrepreneurs visited with the students on Wednesday...

Several presenters spent time with local students at WHS earlier this week, hoping to introduce them to careers they may not have been aware of and to learn more about careers (i.e. the prerequisites, etc.) to boot. The use of technology and the talents and skills necessary were discussed along with hobbies and other interests.

BPA Students at WHS fare well @ Leadership Conference
"9" qualify for NATIONALS!!

2017 BPA State Leadership Conference Results

Qualifying for Nationals

Stephanie Bristow-2nd Place Fundamental Accounting
Will Long-2nd Place Banking & Finance
Economic Research Team-2nd Place (Will Long, Coewen Rains, Dakota Dry, Dakota Lynnes)
Will Long-Financial Math & Analysis
Logan Jones-2nd Place Java Programming
Logan Jones-2nd Place Fundamentals of Web Design
Chaney Leonard-3rd Place Fundamentals of Web Design
Leanne Neal-3rd Place Graphic Design Promotion
Web Site Design Team-2nd Place (Chaney Leonard, Stephanie Bristow, Adrianna Young)

State Placers

Coewen Rains-8th place Banking & Finance
Financial Analyst Team-3rd Place (Tyler Brown, Zander Vargas, Christian Buckman, John Long)
Braiden Buresh-6th Place Personal Financial Management
Andi Dry-7th Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Jacob Brown-8th Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Ella Parolan-10th Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Global Marketing Team-3rd Place (Kialee Levalley, Madison Brown, Kelsie Haydon, Marissa Black)

WHS FFA Spaghetti Dinner * Labor Auction on slate for Monday!
Dinner @ 5:30PM (WHS COMMONS) followed by Labor Auction (6:30PM) in the auditorium.

FFA MEMBERS are auctioned off for "4" or "8" hrs. of labor!
HOMEMADE PIES and other items auctioned as well! Proceeds benefit FFA students through scholarships and future FFA Events! 

WMS's BAKING & SEWING CLASSES are having fun!
Lately students in Mrs. Hillhouse's classes have been baking cakes and making pillows!

WMS 7th grade students in Mrs. Hillhouse's Basic Sewing class have finished their first sewing project - 9 Patch Pillows! Students learn how to use the sewing machine and then use newly learned skills to create their own pillows! From left to right are: Alexis Hearlson, Crosby Fairbanks, and Nikki Peninger.

Happy Valentine's Day from Mrs. Hillhouse's 8th grade BAKING CLASS! The students were busy this week learning how to bake and decorate a Valentine's cake - homemade frosting and all! The young chefs from L to R are: Jaydon Pingry, Taylor Heasty, Colin Green, Trinity Mason and Abbie Flemming. BON APPETIT KNIGHTS - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL!


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